Friday, January 02, 2004

Blogger wasn't working for me yesterday so if you want to know the scoop on what we did yesterday check my other journal. As for today J had his first day off. We went and ran some errands in the morning, we got things for GG's birthday party. She is so excited about it. J has been complaining all day about how on his days off he doesn't get to rest. Well if he didn't sleep all day on the days he does work maybe we could do somethings on his work days and give him some time to relax on his days off. This afternoon J watched the kids and I went to Barnes and Nobles to use my gift card and ended up not getting anything because it is cheaper online...I can use my card online. So I went to the Yankee Candle Inc. and used my other gift card. I got two candles and a candle lampshade. It is really cute and I really like it plus, they were all on sale!!! I came home and ordered my books so I will be getting them in about a week. I am totally excited. Library books are good but there is always a time restraint. Tonight we went out to eat for dinner. We have no food in the house. We got subway and had a picnic downstairs on the floor so we could eat as a family uninterrupted. Then GG and I played a bunch of her games that lasted about an hour and a half when Monkey wanted me. J and Monkey did stuff together too. I think they read and did laundry. Then we put on a movie for the kids and J and I talked about our future plans. It is so hard to know what tomorrow holds. We did get a really sweet offer for renting a place. It is right by church. It was 750/month and we just pay electricity and phone and any other extras we would want like cable and internet. It is a 2 bedroom place about the size of my in-laws house. It is a really good deal considering rent in this area is 900 and up. I just can't wait until we have a place of our own. Monkey has a stinky butt right now so I need to go change him and get the kids ready for bed. Just in case anyone was wondering we don't do new year's resolutions...why set ourselves up for failure.

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