Thursday, January 29, 2004

Hello again! So this morning we went to work. I am so glad the kids like going there other wise it would be no fun for me. Today Monkey was really interested in this little boy Noah, just turned 1. Towards the end he was hitting him. He is not a hitter, I don’t know what got into him. I think it is the age. We worked on being gentle to people. Time will tell how this works! GG wore her belt today and it helped…it must have been the pants she had on last night?!?! Who knows? She was so proud of herself today…we had been working with her about wiping herself and doing the bathroom thing without help, which she has been doing for awhile now. Well this morning I showed her how to do the belt and she did it. She unbuckled it went potty and so on then buckled it back up! She was so happy with herself. The belt a new feat for her, so self sufficient, I tell you. Oh here is a funny story…I put Monkey in the bathtub last night while I was getting his clothes ready for him to get out. He was standing in there and started peeing. He looked at me with the funniest look on his face. I asked him if he was peeing and he said, “yes”. I then asked him where he should put his pee and he pointed to the potty! Such a smart little guy! I told him next time he needs to go pee he should put it in the potty. He said, ok. But nothing has come of it since, I highly doubt he is ready yet. All the books I have read said that a child’s bladder isn’t physically ready until they are about 20 months old. He has a few more months!!! Just kidding. Today he must of gotten really worn out playing because he slept from 1 until 3:45pm that is a long nap for my him. After he woke up I gave the kids a snack. I swear they could eat all day if I let them! GG and I made a grocery list together today that was a lot of fun. She told me the things she wanted to get like fruit snacks and Nemo cereal. So tonight we went grocery shopping, good thing too because we were almost out of food. We got home from the store put away the food and I gave the kids a bath, I love sleeping with clean babies. Now GG is in bed being really quite again. Last night after I updated I went in and checked on her and she was asleep! I am so glad she has learned to fall asleep without us there. Now I need to work on it with Monkey! He woke up again last night out of the bed. He was in our bedroom just not in the bed. I don’t know why he does that?!?! My silly little man.

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