Wednesday, January 07, 2004

We got up this morning with somewhere to go. That was a great feeling. I hate doing nothing all day long. Not that I do nothing but I go nowhere. I am always busy but I like to get out of the house. Anyway we went to GG's first dance class today. She had a blast, once she knew we weren't going to leave her. She met 8 girls her age and I have a feeling by the end of the 16 weeks she will have made some friends! It was nice to see her play with kids her age again. After the class was over the teacher Ms. Julie gave each of the girls a purple star stamp. GG was in heaven her favorite color!!! I know she had fun because she gave her teach a hug and kiss before we left. See how sweet she is?!?! I love that girl so much. Monkey had fun today too. There was a little boy 2 months younger than him there waiting for his sister too. They kind of played together but not really. This place is set up like this...the class is in the gym and the room right next to the gym has windows and toys in it. So all the moms and dads watched in the room while any of the siblings that came could play with toys. The only thing is now we have to go out and buy her tap shoes and a little skirt. But I am going to see if grandma A. will make her a skirt? Maybe for her birthday!?!? Well that is about all the exciting stuff that happened for us today. Unless something really cool happens tonight, then I will update again.

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