Friday, January 16, 2004

Ok I am going to update while waiting for GG to fall asleep. I'll get back to that later. Today we spent most of the day cleaning for the, you know what, PARTY!!! After Monkey's nap the kids helped me make the cake and cup cakes for the birthday party. They love helping me bake. After dinner I frosted the cake and cupcakes. They look so cute. Then GG helped me do the goody bags...she picked the color of necklace each of the girls got. She had a lot of fun doing that. So I think I am ready for tomorrow at least I hope I am. GG is asleep now so I can finish doing what I want to do...I am going to blow up the balloons and hang some streamers for when she wakes up in the morning. Plus, I need to bring in the birthday cards she got in the mail so she can open them when she wakes up. She is so excited about her birthday and party. Well I need to get going on this stuff.

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