Tuesday, January 13, 2004

What a busy, busy day we had...but it was so much fun too. This morning I went through all of GG's clothes and went through some other stuff. We ended up taking so much stuff to the storage today. We are getting ready for GG's party can you tell? We cleaned down here for the whole morning...vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, put things away and so on. Then for lunch we took the kids to McDonalds to celebrate me getting the job. After we ate all four of us crawled around in the indoor playground. That was so much fun. I love family time. Then we went to Target to take some thing back and get other things. One of the things we got was a present for Ellie. Man I tell you what, I can't go into stores any more. I see so many things I want to buy for the kids. They don't really *need* anything I just wanted them to have that stuff. Good thing J was with me to tell me NO!!! Hehehe :) I did get some pants for work they were 50% off and then I got a swimsuit that wasn't on sale...but I need one big time. I figure now that I work at the YMCA we can take the kids swimming so I will need it and definitely use anyway! Then we went to the storage to put that stuff in and got GG's bike so we could exchange it for the bigger one. Then to Wal-mart for the exchange that took seriously 35 minutes. J was not happy as he sat in the car with the kids while I went in. It wasn't my fault but it still stunk for him. Speaking of faults GG said the cutest thing at the dinner table tonight. She was eating and bit the inside of her cheek. Of course she cried and we asked her what hurt. She pointed to the inside of her cheek. J told her sorry that it hurt and she said, "It's not your fault daddy. It's not my fault. It is my teeths fault." We all busted up laughing...grandma and grandpa M. were there too. Anyway after dinner I went grocery shopping with grandma and J stayed home with the kids. Right now all three of them are upstairs eating ice cream! I should go eat some too. When they get done it is time to start getting ready for bed.

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