Wednesday, January 28, 2004

This morning I got up and the kids and I went to work. I love that my kids can go with me!!! Anyways, so J came to pick GG up for dance class. When he walked in all the ladies knew immediately that he belonged to Monkey. They were calling him J's mini me :) They do look a lot alike. Also when J walked in the door I got the warm feeling in my stomach like when we were dating. You know...the sparks were going off. I get them every once in awhile but it so cool to know that he still makes me blush ;) I love that man so much, he is my world! Anyways, J told me GG's dance class was canceled and so I took Monkey (asleep in the car) to get gas. I love pay at the pump. When I got home GG and I made homemade pizza while J and Monkey slept. This afternoon the kids and I went to wal-mart...I noticed the other day that GG's socks were getting too small and starting to wear thin. No wholes, yet! That was ok because we needed to pick up pictures from GG's party and I also got GG a belt for her pants. They constantly fall down...she is too skinny. Well I put the belt on her at home and her pants still fell off! The belt was as tight as it could go, see I told you she was super thin. Oh well the belts are really cute and they will fit her for a long time. We also paid a bill while we were out and about. Came home ate dinner gave kids a bath and went through the bedtime routine. GG is in bed, either really quite or sleeping. Monkey is waiting to nurse. So I will end this.

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