Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My little darlings are in bed right now asleep. They are so precious! Today we got up and ran to the bank to set up a new account for my YMCA money!!! The money I make will go for different activities of the kids plus Christmas and birthday presents. At least I hope I can make enough to cover all those expenses. Then we went to GG's dance class. She wore her new leotard she got for her birthday, she picked it out. Then we came home had lunch said goodbye to J. Then I nursed Monkey to sleep and GG and I played with all of her puzzles. She is really getting into the puzzle scene. Then we had an early dinner and headed to work. GG was so cute tonight as she was playing with the kids I heard her ask, "What do you call her?" She asked the girls sister and then she turned to the girl and asked, "What is your name?" I love watching her interact with kids and have fun. Being at work with GG is a piece of cake...she is so well behaved. The other staff have all commented on how good she plays and listens to me. I needed to hear that. Monkey did better tonight too. He only nursed once towards the end. I didn't have to hold him the whole time either. The first night he was a little more clingy. I have my schedule for next week and I only have to bring the kids with me one day. The other 4 days J will be home to watch them. I'm not really sure how that will work yet because they both have so much fun being there. Once we got home tonight at 8:30 the kids got their pjs on, we brushed teeth, went potty (GG only), changed diaper (Monkey only), we read 3 books, and they went to sleep. That is what we do every night but I don't normally mention our bedtime routine! Well if you were wondering that is what it is...I leave the light on for GG and nurse Monkey to sleep and then bring him in the room, by then GG is asleep and I turn the lights off. I am happy to say that GG is in bed by 9 and asleep usually by 9:15ish. So much better than 11 or later. Well I am going to go have some much needed alone time! I might give the A's a call since Joe and Virginia are in town!!!

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