Thursday, January 15, 2004

I am updating before Friends tonight. This morning we were going to go to Mops but I was just so darn tired and both the kids were sound asleep I decided to just stay home. They would of had fun but they are non-the-wiser! Right now the kids and J are playing with Monkey's train set he got for Christmas. He got a few more pieces in the mail the other day. The things we took back from Christmas (mainly outfits that were too big) we used that money to get him more train tracks. He has enough clothes. For some reason I don't think any of that just made sense. Oh well! I have been getting side tracked a lot lately. Anyways, after we woke up we did some more cleaning for the big party on Saturday. Well J did the cleaning and I finished up the laundry we still had left to do from yesterday. That was a big task. Oh yeah GG got a present in the mail today and as I was bringing it downstairs I fell. Don't ask how I did that but it hurt. The funny thing was the package wasn't heavy. I opened it to see if it was was wrapped loosely in the tissue paper so I grabbed a bag and put it in. The gift was super duper cute. She is getting one of the gifts when she wakes up so she can wear it to her party. Are you curious??? Well you'll have to check back on Saturday :) She also got another birthday card in the mail. I am really shocked she hasn't gotten more by now. Our families are usually really good about sending cards. Hmmm. We still have 2 days. After we ate lunch we ran a couple errands...Target, Kinkos, Toys R Us and last Wal-mart to get GG's 3 year old pictures taken. On our way to Wal-mart we saw some of J's police friends going into White Hen and we stopped to say hi. GG loved that and Monkey was asleep.

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