Thursday, January 08, 2004

What a great morning we had. J came home from work and told me that was his last night on midnights. We both thought he would have to work tonight but it turns out that his FTO was getting a new guy tonight so J couldn't be working with him too. He was ecstatic as was I. We got everyone ready and left. We got our pictures back from Christmas. So I will have to update sometime soon. We also went to the store to try the bike we bought GG to make sure it was still a good size for her and it is prefect. So I am wondering if we should get her the bigger size so she can use it longer. Hmmm. J and I will have to talk about it. Then we came home and ate lunch. Today Monkey fell asleep without nursing for the second time...J was holding him. Then after dinner I had my interview at the YMCA. Now I am home and am waiting for the movie the kids are watching to be over so I can put them to bed. I have about 2 minutes left. J is in bed sleeping already but he stayed up all day to be with us as a family...hasn't happened in awhile because of his schedule. That is about all I can think of that happened today. Oh wait today Monkey said "water" it came out wawa just like GG used to say! His vocabulary has picked up really fast lately. He also said fire tonight, we had fire going. He also says hot. Not only is he learning more words but he is starting to put two together. I can't believe he is getting so big...he is my baby. Ok the movie is over got to go.

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