Thursday, January 22, 2004

Today was a whirlwind. Monkey was having problems sleeping last night and was awake until about 3:30ish. He is healthy just teething. So J, Monkey and I slept until 10am this morning and GG woke up at 9 and watched some nick jr while we slept. Then we had to get up and going because we had so many things to do. We ended up condensing the tasks...while I was at my dentist appointment J went grocery shopping. GG came with me to my appointment and Monkey went with J. GG had so much fun at the dentist I think that we are going to make her an appointment. When the lady took pictures of my teeth GG helped her by pushing the button. She thought that was the greatest. GG talked to the lady the whole time she was cleaning my teeth. I don't think the lady stopped laughing once! The lady said that GG was absolutely adorable. She also commented on how clearly she talked...I didn't have to clarify any words for her!!! It was funny from my prospective too because GG's face was right in mine watching my teeth get cleaned. Then we decided to grab a bit to eat at McDonalds, yeah I know real healthy, not. After we ate I went to Target and J played with the kids in the playground. Then we went to Wal-mart and finally home. See we condensed, we normally do everything together! We were on a time schedule because I worked at 4:15. We got home with enough time for me to nurse Monkey to sleep. Then I headed off to work, all by myself. After J feed the kids dinner he brought GG out to play. She was only at work with me for about an hour and a half. I am working tomorrow morning and this time I am going to bring Monkey with me and GG will get some daddy time. Tonight while GG was with me J and Monkey took a bubble bath, played with cars, and did other guy stuff! I can't believe my youngest is a year and a half today. I started laundry when I got home so I will have clean work clothes. Being a working mom is a lot different then being a stay at home mom. I think I am in a different category of mommyhood, not stay at home and not working but bring kids to work mom. That's all she wrote.

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