Monday, January 12, 2004

I wasn't going to update again but the cutest thing just happened. I was sitting in the living room reading one of my new books I just got from Barnes and Nobles. I hear Monkey start to whimper and say urse. So I go into the room...GG is still awake and this is what she said to me, "He started crying and so I gave him a kiss. Then he said I want to nurse, I want to nurse. I can't nurse him because I don't have nursers. I told him only mommy could nurse. She is the only one with milk in her nursers. So I was coming to get you." She said all of this while I was laying next to Monkey nursing him, it was so hard not to laugh, she was so darn cute! Well since I am updating I will tell you what cute thing Monkey did today. I turned on the kid's music before dinner...the hokey pokey song came on. Monkey is so fun to watch during this song. When they say put your right foot in, kicks his leg. (He actually kicks his one leg for both legs and arms!) Then when it says shack it all about he starts moving his arms up and down, rotating. Then when they say turn yourself about he turns in a circle still moving his arms up and down. The cutest part is when they say put your head in...he actually puts his head in and out...then does the rest of the song the same way as before, turning and arms! He is proud of himself too. So sweet to watch him dance to this song! It is late so I am hoping this all made sense :) Good night.

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