Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Well let's see...what happened today? Monkey is just amazing me lately. He is learning so many new words and doing so many new things. Like today he drew a circle. I think he is going to be right handed, (we thought he might be left like J) when we hand him something to write with he puts it in his right hand. Speaking of Monkey he was attached to me last night until 3am. I finally cut him off, he of course cried, but it lasted like 30 seconds and then he went back to sleep. I just couldn't fall asleep with him nursing, that is why I cut him off, it was 3am! I have tried giving him more to drink throughout the day hoping that will help him nurse less at night. Tonight I will find out if this helps. Anyway today J took Monkey downstairs after lunch and GG and I came down after she finished eating, Monkey had fell asleep on J. He didn't fall asleep nursing!!! I asked J how he did that and he said he just read him books until he started yawning. Then there is my baby girl GG. She is going to be 3 in 11 days. I just can't believe it. She starts her dance class tomorrow. She is going to look so sweet in her little leotard and ballet shoes. Don't worry I'm going to take pictures and hopefully update her page tomorrow or Thursday. She is also becoming a great little puzzle builder. She needs no help with her puzzles and she is pretty proud of herself. Oh today GG took a nap on the couch while Monkey slept on J in the recliner. Monkey woke up first and when over to GG and was giving her kisses. He is so sweet. Then they were playing together after dinner...they both went and sat in the clothes basket at the same time! They looked so cute and they were hugging and kissing each other. I wish they were like that all the time :)

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