Monday, October 27, 2003

First I want to start out with a cute story about my boy Monkey! He has learned a new word. He says watch but it comes out atch. He says this right before he starts to nurse…then he does this funny thing with his eyes. He can make one move and the other stay still. It is so funny to watch! He has been doing the eye thing for about 2 weeks and I would call J over saying watch Monkey. He is so smart, now he says watch and then does the trick. He knew what he was doing and why I called J over!!! He is turning into such a little ham. I guess he has a good teacher, GG :) This morning the kids stayed with J; reading books, singing, and dancing to songs while I went to the post office. Then after lunch Monkey took a nap and GG and I made cookies together. That was a lot of fun. I love spending one on one time along with family time. I also got my first birthday card today! At least I hope it was the first and not the last :) After dinner tonight GG and grandma M watched Sleeping Beauty. (Monkey and I were suppose to go to the town meeting tonight but J said we didn't have too. Then I thought about taking him to get presents for J and GG from him but it is just too cold out so we stayed home.) GG is really into the Disney movies right now. Monkey is asleep right now and I am afraid he will wake up soon and want to be up until 11pm or later. Oh well I need to go get GG and settle her down cause soon it will be bed time.

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