Friday, October 24, 2003

Today was great. J was off! We didn't do much this morning just family stuff. Then after lunch the kids took a nap at the same time giving J and I time alone. We watched ER that I had recorded from the night before. Then before we knew it the kids were up and went out to run errands. When we came home we carved our pumpkins. I took some pictures so they will be on the web page when I get the pictures developed after Halloween sometime. We ordered pizza tonight for dinner. We had a free coupon so that was nice. After dinner both the kids were messy, mostly Monkey though. So J gave the kids a bubble bath and I picked up things downstairs and got their pjs for after the bath. Now they are watching Peter Pan again! I am not feeling the greatest right now. I think it was the pizza?!? So this is going to be short.

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