Thursday, October 30, 2003

Wow, what a super fun day we've had already and it is only 6pm! We got up this morning and went out. First we stopped at the library, I got three books and about 10 for the kids. The kids played with the toys there again. It is really hard to get them out of the library, which is a great thing. I am glad they like going to the library. I did get a special book for GG and I to read together. It is for mothers and daughters! I'm planning on reading it to her before bed. Then we went to Wal-mart and got Monkey a Halloween costume and GG some pants and a shirt to put under her costume. We also got the kids a pumpkin candy basket they were on sale for 50 cents, along with a few other things we needed. Then we walked to Big Lots, first time I had every been in one, I wasn't that impressed but we didn't really look around. We also went to the Golf Mart, they had little clubs that were GG and Monkey's sizes. I don't think I have ever seen clubs that small. Grandma and Grandpa A. want to get clubs for GG, either a Christmas or Birthday present? I am almost thinking they should get Monkey some too. But not the little ones the same size as GG's, I don't know. They were too cute though. We came home and there was a package at the door. It was a birthday present from Joe and Virginia, thank you, I love it. There was scrapbooking stuff in it :) Which reminds me I need to start doing their books again or I'll get behind again. This afternoon the kids took naps and J and I started to watch a video I got from the library we only got halfway through it. When I started dinner I realized I didn't have all the ingredients I needed so I sent J to the store to get them. What a great hubby. When he came home GG and J finished making the dinner cause I had a sleepy nursing Monkey on my lap. Now I am going to go eat the yummy chili. Oh yeah today GG was wearing my flower girl dress and wanting to wear it for Halloween, she is a little to short for the dress so we told her she could wear it next year if she is tall enough. She calls herself the princess girl when she has it on. The rest of the night we will probably watch ER together and do a lot of reading, the books we got from the library, of course! Tomorrow is Halloween, YAY!

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