Sunday, October 26, 2003

This morning we got up and I told the kids they were going to see Ellie. GG said, “She’s going to choke Monkey.” (Ellie likes to hug Monkey but usually ends up pulling him down to the ground.) Then she said, “But I will protect him so he doesn’t get hurt.” What a nice big sister she is. She’s already looking out for him! We all went to sunday school thing morning. GG learned about Abraham and Sarah. She also told us she liked singing the songs, of course! After church we went to see our friends the K's. That was so much fun and it just makes me miss all my wonderful friends at WIU even more. I think Aaron might be getting a job here. Then they will move here and that would be so cool. He has a second interview tomorrow. If he gets the job then Belinda is thinking of staying home with Ellie and we could have play dates all the time. Well I have to stop talking about this because we don't know what God's plans are for them. I just hope it is for them to move here! What would be real cool also is if Joe and Virginia moved here. (Hint, Hint) Oh yeah and having an extra hour of sleep last night totally rocked! The end:)

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