Wednesday, October 15, 2003

What a fun filled day we had today. Before I start I want to tell a funny story. GG and Monkey were wearing grandma's high heel shoes. GG said, "Look at me. I'm a person." I think she meant adult :) Today before we left the house I was nursing Monkey. GG climbed up next to me with her baby doll and started nursing it. We then had a conversation about why are nursers were up so high. She said she wanted them to be like mine. I told her one day they would be. It was too funny and J just listened to us and laughed. Then we ran errands...the bank, post office, and storage. When we were done instead of going home we decided to go to Old Navy and use the $10 gift card we have had since Christmas! It was awesome most of the kids clothes were on sale. We got Monkey an outfit for next summer each 1.97 and then GG got a hat for 1.99 and we got money back on the card. That was cool. Then we came home and ate lunch. After lunch J and I decided to rearrange our bedroom. The kids watched a movie. I think I like the way the room looks now. We washed the bedding on both beds too. So tonight we will have clean sheets. I love that! After dinner we made crafts completely J's idea! It was a lot of fun. When we were done with that we took the kids to the public library. We got cards and then checked out books. I looked at the different events and activities for families through the library. I might try doing some of them. I will just say that I could write a lot about the library it was REALLY cool. It was huge and had a lot of things in it. The kids really enjoyed picking out movies, books, and playing with the toys there. They had doll houses, train tracks and other fun toys. Monkey liked a riding motorcycle they had. They really had cool things there to make the kids like the library! We are going to be going back there, probably a lot!!! So like I said we had a great family fun filled day.

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