Friday, October 17, 2003

So last night we ate at the A's. J's mom defrosted what she thought was chili. Well it wasn't. We thought it was bad...because we thought it was suppose to be chili. It turned out to be meatballs and sour krout! GG said, "grandma's chili taste like feet." J and I thought that was pretty funny. I don't know how many feet she's been eating :) Then J and I had a date night after dinner. That was fun.

Now on to today. We got up and ready for the day. My friend Kristen called. If you are reading this Kristen I miss you so much. It was nice to really talk to you about stuff. Then as we were getting ready to leave my brother Travis called. He really just wanted to talk to the kids. We had a play date with Isabel and her kids. She made was chicken chili...never had that before and it was good. I also got to hold Ava she's only 8 weeks old. I love the baby smell. GG and Annie really got along great. Annie is a year older than GG. They were pretty funny together. One of them had to go to the bathroom so they both went. They are starting that pretty early ;) They really took to each other right away. Within about a minute of walking in the door they were talking about being friends. How sweet. J and I had fun talking to Isabel about CLA stuff. That is the school were we are sending the kids, it is in the town J works. Or at least for pre-kindergarten thru 1st grade. We got home about 4:30pm and then J made dinner. What a great hubby I have! We have been spending the rest of J's time off hanging out as a family. Tomorrow starts his next 6 days of work. Well I'm going to go back to snuggling with GG while she watches Veggie Tales.

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