Saturday, October 04, 2003

What a totally fun day this has turned out to be. This morning we really didn't do much but spend time with J. He left and I put the kids down for their naps. When they woke up we went to the M's house. We planned events for the Sunday school class. I am really excited about all the activities. We are doing a hayride, progressive dinner with white elephant exchange, Halloween party, and many more! Then we had an awesome dinner...that I didn't have to cook. Then we went outside and started a fire and had s'mores. GG really liked that and Monkey really liked the fire! He didn't care much for the s'mores. They also had a pond with fish in it. Lots of fun. We also started some friendships. That is about it...J just walked in the door so I am going to go spend time with him. Oh yeah I drove through the town J was working and didn't get pulled over! Shocking :)

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