Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Here is an early post today! Monkey has mastered walking backwards which is really funny to watch because he runs into things. GG has learned to turn on the bathroom lights so she can go potty. We just taught her to open the bathroom doors because she can finally reach them. It is so nice to not have to open the door for her. We keep the doors closed so Monkey doesn't play in the toilet. The other day I was looking for GG and usually when I can't find her it means she is in the bathroom sitting in the dark. Well this time the lights were on. I asked her how she did that and she showed me that she moved the step stool over and turned them on herself. What a smart little girl. I guess she was tired of sitting in the dark :) Just recently J decided that she should learn how to wipe herself too. I was a little worried about that because girls can get infections so much easier than boys. But she has been doing great. She even wiped herself after a poop and got herself completely clean to both J and I's surprise. I guess our little girl is growing up faster than we thought she would. So independent and getting more and more self reliant, for the most part. So on to this day we have planned...to go to a high school soccer game, to Grandparents A's house for dinner and then spend the night. The plan right now is for GG and Liz to sleep in a sleeping bag together but I guess we'll see how this works. GG hasn't slept with anyone but us before! Well I just realized how long this post has gotten. And it was an early one, too.

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