Friday, October 10, 2003

Today we got up and got ready the phone was Grandma saying that my grandpa M was in the hospital. They had to call 911 because he was having chest pain and might have had a heart attack. My grandpa is only 68! He will be fine...he better be because the kids *need* to know him. I don't know anymore at this point but I will update when I do. Then we had a phone date with Kristen and Ethan this morning. It was sad because GG thought that we were actually going to be going over to his house. Poor little girl she misses him, a lot. Actually ever time she sees a little kid she calls them one of her friends from WIU name. Like the little girl Eve she called Ellie. After daddy went to work it was such a beautiful day out that the kids and I took a walk to the park. On the way there a car pulled into a driveway and the man got out. GG walked over to him and asked if he wanted to go on a walk with us. She *needs* to learn some shyness!!! I really do worry about her. She will go with anyone, at least it seems like she will. We met a lot of people at the park that live around us. That was a lot of fun. I even learned about some activities this town has to offer young kids. I don't have anything planned for the rest of the day except for packing for this weekends trip to see Aunt Melissa and Kiera!!! It should be a blast.

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