Sunday, October 19, 2003

So peaceful here right now. Both the kids are sleeping, J is at work and grandma and grandpa left town. So I thought I would update real quick! This morning we didn't make it to church because J didn't get home until 2:45am. I thought it would be nice of us to let him sleep in...and we did go to church last night. I got the kids showered and dressed this morning all by myself. I haven't done that since J has been in the academy I kind of forgot what it was like! This afternoon I vacuumed and I am still doing laundry. When Monkey fell asleep I cut his hair. It works great. I just turned his head and was able to cut it without him moving. So for moms with little boys, wait til they fall asleep to cut hair! Then again I don't really know how long that will last. He may turn two and not take naps! I am planning a low key night for us since we will be the only ones home until about 10pm. The kids watched Peter Pan this afternoon and GG really liked it. I am going to go and enjoy the quietness and read my book.

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