Tuesday, October 28, 2003

So today we got up to no daddy. He had court this morning what a bummer. Then when he came home he took a nap because he got home late last night so late that I actually fell asleep before he got home. We had very little time with him today, which was very sad. I did get another birthday card today! GG watched snow white again today. The only funny thing I can remember that happened today was at dinner. I had made a turkey breast. Monkey ate all of his and half of GG's plate. I think he likes it? Since he ate so good I gave him a cookie. GG of course then asked for one. She on the other hand did not eat her dinner as good. I told her, "no you didn't eat your dinner." She went running to the table and said, "I better go eat my dinner then." She actually ate the rest of her dinner. I didn't even have to bug her about it she ate it on her own, of course knowing that she would get a cookie. Then tonight on tv was Charlie Brown's the great pumpkin. GG and grandma watched it together while Monkey and I spent time together. Now it is time to get the kids ready for bed. GG didn't have a nap and Monkey took an early nap. They should both be sleeping by 9 hopefully :)

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