Friday, October 03, 2003

This morning the biggest thing we did was go to the mall to pick up my wedding ring. I think I was the only one that had fun doing that :) We did get a phone call from our friends Kristen and Ethan. GG loved talking to Ethan even though Kristen and I decided that neither one of them were really listening to what the other was saying. She didn't stop talking and when I took the phone from her Ethan was talking! She told about everyone she saw today that she talked to Ethan on the phone. It was pretty sweet how much she misses her friends. I have a story that I didn't think was very funny at the time but here it is. I gave both the kids a cup of apple juice. GG drank her faster and wanted some of Monkey's. He didn't want to share so she took the remaining little bit in her cup and dumped it on his head. I was not happy with her. Not to mention that poor Monkey stunk like sour apple juice until I gave him a bath. His hair was stiff and crunchy. GROSS! I have another story that happened today with Monkey. After dinner he was standing still with a look of concentration. I asked him if he was pooping...I already knew that was what he was doing. I then asked him if he needed to go potty. He smiled at me and ran to the bathroom and started pulling at his clothes to get them off. He can't be ready to potty train at 14 months he is too young. I put him on the potty because he had already climbed up on to the step stool. He didn't do anything! Oh well I thought it was very smart of him to realize were the potty was and that he needed to get the clothes off to go! Well I have a Monkey pulling at me to play :)

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