Thursday, October 16, 2003

Here's the run down of the day so far. We got up and went to a MOPS group. That was a lot of fun minus the getting lost on the way there. The directions were horrible. Once we got there the kids had tons of fun. Monkey played and didn't even care if J or I were around, totally not like Monkey. He must of been having fun. GG had fun too but I think she was a little nervous. She didn't know anyone. She tried talking to some of the kids but couldn't get there attention. I felt so bad for her. She just wanted to play with the kids. Then they did the parachute, read a story, sang songs, and had a snack. By that time she had made friends and there were four little girls sitting with her at snack time. I was happy for her. She loves people so much. Then on the way home we stopped at the pumpkin farm and got a big pumpkin J picked out and a smaller one GG picked out, along with three munchkin pumpkins. Monkey liked them the best, he could hold them. Then we came home and I made homemade pizza, yum yum. Now the kids are getting a bath from daddy. So I thought I would update real quick. We are going to be leaving after the bath (right at nap time) to go to grandma and grandpa A's house for you guessed it another sleepover! I am being paged Monkey is done with the bath.

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