Saturday, October 18, 2003

This morning I woke up to both my boys giving me kisses! It took me a long time to open my eyes because I knew that when I did the kisses would stop. This morning J and the kids racked the leaves. Don't worry I took pictures that will be put on their web pages sometime soon. I, of course, took advantage of the fact that J had both kids outside :) I jumped into the shower. When I got out they were inside heading to the bathroom ready to take baths. I got dressed and got their clothes and helped get the kids out. I got Monkey out first and dressed. Then GG, while I was dressing her Monkey was behind me. He went to one side and kissed me and then to the other side and kissed me. He did this the whole time it took to get GG dressed. He is such a lovable little boy! Then we all went to Cosco including grandma about buying in bulk. I couldn't believe how huge everything was. You could only buy 6 lbs of meat at a time. They did have cool carts though. Since everything is so big the carts are too. The kids both sat in the front. They had two seats in the front of the cart. Moving along we came home and ate lunch then J left for work. This afternoon grandma, the kids and I went grocery shopping. While we were there Monkey lost a shoe. So we walked and walked around the store looking for it. I even asked the service desk a couple of times and an employee was helping look. These are the only ones he has and I thought J was going to be mad. As I was walking holding a now sleeping Monkey with only one shoe, a lady came up to me and told me she knew where his shoe was. I was so happy! Whoever found the shoe put it on a shelf. And we were looking on the ground, of course. She told me that the same thing had happened to her a few years ago and she was on her way back to get the shoe to take it to the desk when she saw me. I am so grateful for nice people like her. This evening we went to church with grandma and grandpa M. Before we left Monkey was sitting on the stairs and for some reason fell down them. I was so scared and I think he was even more scared. He hasn't ever fallen down the stairs from the top to the bottom. It was only a couple steps. I watched so helpless. At church Monkey was cute. As they were singing songs he was raising his little hands and dancing. I can remember when GG used to do that. I love the baby dance! Did I ever tell the story about GG dancing in Old Navy?!? (It was a couple of days ago) They always have music playing in there and she was wearing the hat that we got for 1.97 she was walking up and down the store dancing. Hands going and spinning she ended up having an audience :) We are now home and winding down from the day. I am going to try and have the kids asleep when J comes home because I like spending time with just him and today is sweetest day!!!

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