Thursday, October 09, 2003

Let's see today we went for a walk...J, GG, Monkey, the dog and I! When I say walk I mean that everyone walked no strollers this time. Then J left for work but before that something bad happened. I don't want to go through the details if you want to know I wrote about it in my other journal. Anyways, tonight we went to a new LLL meeting. It was just what I wanted, being that there wasn't a whole lot of people there. Smaller groups at a first time meeting are always better to me so that I can get to know the people better. Then next time if the group is bigger I will have gotten to know those five ladies and feel more comfortable. I don't know if that made any sense because I am really tired today for some reason. But there was a mommy there that I really connected with and think we are going to be great friends! She has a little girl 2 and a baby boy 3 months! The kids and I also got invited to a playgroup next tuesday. Today has been a great day for meeting people. I feel so blessed by the people I have met today! Oh one last thing that should probably go in the other journal but oh well! For some reason people think that I am older than I am. Two people thought I was in my 30's. I just chalk it up to the fact that most of my friends are that age or around it! It doesn't bother me :) I think that older people are wiser people (for the most part!) because they have had more life experience or more time on this earth.

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