Wednesday, October 22, 2003

This morning we didn’t do anything interesting. J left for work and he left us a note on the bathroom mirror. It was real cute. This afternoon before I put Monkey to sleep, GG came up to him and said, “Give me five, on the side, up high, down low, you’re too slow!” The cool thing about it was that Monkey actually gave her fives throughout her game! They interact with each other so nice sometimes and then so bad at other times. I guess they are kids being kids! Monkey has also learned a hand thing. J taught him to put his two pointer fingers together, then you “cut the pickle” (his two pointers) then you tickle him. So he will come up to you with the two fingers together wanting you to cut them and tickle him. It’s too funny. Anyways, while Monkey was taking his nap my neighbor stopped by to see if we wanted to go to the park, since Monkey was sleeping, we didn’t go. I felt bad, but now I know it was a good thing because Monkey slept for 2 and half hours. (he usually sleeps for an hour!) I thought something was going on with him this morning when he woke up because last night he nursed almost the whole night. After his nap I noticed that he had a little fever, good thing I didn’t take him out in the cold. I want to keep him healthy this winter. He seems fine now…just wants to nurse more. (no problem for me) Then I talked to my mom and siblings on the phone for over an hour! It was good to get caught up with them. My phone conversations with my mom usually get interrupted by one of my brothers or one of my kids after about 15 minutes or less! Tonight we aren’t going to be doing much considering Monkey isn’t feeling the greatest. Just a side note, I’m really excited about, we got invited to a Halloween party on my birthday, which is Halloween. So if J is working I will have something to do with the kids. If he isn’t working even better we can go as a family. It is at the M’s…remember how cool their house is? I’m so excited.

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