Wednesday, October 08, 2003

What a beautiful day today! We went to a park and had a picnic lunch as a family it was a lot of fun. It started getting hot towards the end of the playtime. I want to write about two funny stories that happened yesterday. GG had to go potty at the police station and the toilets flushed automatically. When it flushed she said, "it flushed my butt!" I think it got her wet when it flushed. And then last night she had to go potty in the middle of the night so I turned on the lights and she said, "mommy turn off the sun!" I love that little girl. Back to today...we got to see a huge lizard. I picked GG up to see it and it stuck it's tongue out. She almost jumped out of my arms, I think it scared her! Oh yeah, when we were at Grandma and Grandpa A's house (they live right by train tracks) every time the train went by Monkey got really excited and started pointing and squealing. It was really cute. He does that with airplanes too. You can always tell when he finally sees it because he gets really excited. These last three days have been really nice with J home. Tomorrow he starts the next six days of work. I am so glad he is done with the academy and working now. We get to see him so much more now. I love it. I haven't said this in a while but, I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! One last thing, you know how I said that GG was going to sleep with Aunt Liz? Well she stayed in with her for about half an hour before wanting us. It was worth a try!

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