Monday, October 13, 2003

We are back from Scott AFB. We had so much fun. The kids loved playing with their cousin Kiera and Aunt Melissa. They didn't want to leave today and I don't think Kiera wanted us to either. We took the kids to a pumpkin farm. They got a hay less hayride! And then got to pick out pumpkins. Well, we helped Melissa and Kiera pick out a couple. We are planning on going with J this next week on one of his days off. Then we went to this cool park on Base. The time went way too fast. The three of the cousins played so well together. Kiera really seemed to like GG. Monkey and her are the same age so they didn't really play together but that didn't stop them from hugging and kissing each other! I'm really glad that Grandma let us come with her for the visit, but it feels good to be home. I know the kids like being out of the car. It was about a 5 1/2 hour drive. But they really did a good job :) Tonight we are going to be heading over to the J's parents house for another sleep over as J calls them. That way we can sleep in tomorrow morning before the playgroup at 10am! I need to go pack...again.

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