Thursday, April 03, 2003

Another early morning for us, we got up and went to playgroup. Then we came home and had lunch. This afternoon the kids had doctor’s appointments. Monkey is completely better! I am so happy for that. GlamorGirl is on some benadryl to clear her up. She shouldn’t be on it that long, maybe a day or two. While we were at the hospital J got his x-rays done again. As we were leaving Life Flight came and both the kids really enjoyed seeing the helicopter land. Monkey liked it better though. GG didn’t like all the wind! By the time we got home it was 3:30pm and shortly after J got paged, we didn’t see him until after 7pm. Tonight the EMS crew came over and hung out for a while. Now we are getting ready to watch ER then we are going to bed. GG is playing in her toy room and just came in here with a toy and said, “I made a fire truck!” She used mostly red blocks too. Goodnight.

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