Saturday, April 12, 2003

I had a miserable night. Monkey cried non-stop from 11pm to 1am, both J and I tried everything! (singing, rocking, standing, nursing, listening to music...etc) Nothing calmed him. J thinks that he was teething but I think there is some else going on too. At 12:30am J went to the hospital to get something for his hurt thumb. Well he was gone I finally got Monkey to sleep at 1am. J came home at 1:15am not even a minute later Monkey was crying again. I decided that one of us needed to get sleep or we would both be too tired to take care of GG. So I told J to go to bed. The rest of the night went something like this. We rocked in the chair until Monkey fell asleep, then I would recline it so I could sleep. Right as I would fall asleep Monkey would start crying again. Then we would do it all over again. It usually took me between 10 and 20 minutes to calm him down. The longest time period he slept was 30 minutes. I was going to wait until 9am to bring him to J but I was so tired that my body was shacking and I was so sick to my stomach that I was dry heaving so we went up at 8:15am. By the time J go up and going with the kids it was 9am so I didn't go to sleep until 9:30ish and slept to about 11:30am. So that was my night and morning. When I got up and ready we ran some errands; we had to drop off film at Wal-mart and made Monkey's 9 month picture appointment. While we were there GG saw the Easter Bunny. She gave her a high five and a hug while she was holding on to me for dear life! Then we paid a bill and went to the hospital again for J's finger. We came home and tried to get the kids to take naps but that wasn't very successful. Right now Monkey is sleeping in my arms and GG is being really quite in the toy room. I am going to go check on her. Well the reason she is quite is because she is sleeping on the reading chair. I would go to sleep too but if I do I won't wake up in time to bring J dinner at work. The rest of the night we are going to take it easy. We have plans to go to ball fore for dinner and maybe play a while then come home bathe and go to bed. I am praying I have a better night tonight. If you think about it please say a prayer for us, that we all sleep good tonight!

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