Thursday, April 24, 2003

Today, we got up and packed for the trip to my mom's. J got called in to the hospital and was there for about 2 hours. I was so mad. I needed help at home getting things done. Oh well. We left @ 2:20 and got here at 4:55. We made great time. The kids did marvelous in the car. They slept most of the way and when they were awake they entertained each other. GG said some funny things in the car about cows but I am too tired to think what actually she said. Well since we have been here we have gotten to catch up and GG has been having so much fun with her uncles! They treat her like a princess, very cute! Monkey has had fun too but he has gotten a little overwhelmed being in a strange place. We also got to talk to J after his interview. He doesn't think it went as well as his first choice, I guess we will see. That is it for us today I am going to bed!

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