Friday, April 11, 2003

A beautiful and fun day here! I got up and got ready while the kids slept. They were so cute, Monkey was holding GlamorGirl! After I was ready I got them up. I told GG what we had to do before we left the house. She is so funny she said, "that sounds like a good plan!" We went to the DUI scenario that was canceled last week. GG loved it and Monkey fell asleep. While we were there GG helped Ted pass out prizes to the high schoolers that answered questions right. Her favorite part though was watching the helicopter land! For a small town it has a lot of family oriented things here. We are never hurting for fun things to do. After the DUI we went to BK to met with our playgroup. We left there at 1:30pm and came home. J was back from the DUI so he spent time with the kids before he had to work at 3pm. While he was playing with them I did some more scrapbooking. I am really going on it now. I knew I just had to throw myself back into it and ideas would start flowing! After the kids woke up from there naps we decided to go see daddy at work. They have a really cool playground and GG can do everything on it with no problems or help, which is wonderful since I don't want to put Monkey on the ground. I actually let Monkey go down the slide (many times) and he loved it. J and I were talking about having his first birthday party at ball fore. The playground will be prefect for his one year old friends. Nothing is decided yet. Then we came home and I made dinner for GG and me by this time it is after 7pm. So after we ate I gave the kids baths (Monkey was crawling all over the tub, the crazy man) this morning I didn't give them one because they were going to be outside most of the day and get dirty. So now they are clean for bed! Right now they are playing in the toy room together. Actually every time GG comes in here Monkey starts crying, then stops when she goes back in there. They play so great together, surprisingly GG is very gentle with Monkey. J is now home from work so I am going to talk to him about tomorrow.

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