Sunday, April 20, 2003

Happy Easter Everyone! This morning we got up and colored Easter eggs. All of us got so messy with the paint! So we took showers afterwards. I planned on getting messy with the eggs so I thought we should take showers afterwards boy was I right. My fingers still have paint on them and I have been washing them all day. But Easter is only once a year and we all had fun doing it so I don't mind. After we showered we gave the kids their Easter baskets. GG was very excited because it had more candy in it! The girl has been on a sugar high for the past two days. Monkey liked playing with his basket and didn't really care about the things inside of it. Then we went over to the hospital to give our friend Ted (and Joanna) a chocolate Easter bunny. He had to work all day. We also called all the grandparents that are in the US right now to tell them Happy Easter. I think that when I am done on the internet I am going to have GG call Grandma and Grandpa A. and leave a message for them. They are in Italy right now on vacation. Must be nice! For our Easter dinner J made prime ribs and rice it was very yummy. Unfortunately I didn't get to scrapbook today but the day isn't over I might sneak away and do some. We'll see.

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