Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Well this morning we got up and went to J's doctor's appointment. We got kicked out of the room because J didn't want us in there anymore. Which was fine because there was two babies in the waiting room which GG played with. This girl loves babies! Then we went out to eat before we made the trip back home. We were going to go shopping but J wasn't in a good mood and just wanted to go home. The doctor didn't tell him anything because the x-rays were too dark. So he has to get them done again then see the doctor with the new ones on April 14. When we got home it was beautiful out so GG and I went to the field across the street and flew her kite again. The boys stayed inside while J played his new game Grand Theft Auto Vice City. After the kite was done we went to the park to swing. Then Monkey started crying so I brought him outside too. He loves being outside just like big sister. J went into work from 5:30 to 7pm covering for a friend there will be some money for sure on the next paycheck. While he was at work we walked over to the Baxter's to see if they wanted to go for a walk but they were going to look at a house. Maybe next time. Then J came home we ate and then the kids and J took a bubble bath then a shower to rinse the bubbles. Then I did some emailing while J read books to the kids. Now I am doing this and I am really tired. Being outside makes me tired. So I am going to get the little ones to bed so I can go to bed. We are going to playgroup tomorrow instead of Friday because J is in the DUI scenario on Friday and we are going to go watch him. Goodnight!

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