Monday, April 28, 2003

Wow it's late...anyway we got up this morning and got ready to start the day. GG did the smartest thing today. She learned how to put her shoes on without our help. She said she wanted to do it by herself so J handed her the shoe. She couldn't get it on sitting down so she stood up and put it on. No one ever told her to stand up to get it on. What a little smarty. Getting back to the day the first thing we did was go to Wal-mart Monkey was completely out of diapers and we were almost out of toilet paper. Then we went to the grocery store to get a few things Milk being the major emergency. Then we went to the butternut store to get bread. It is so much cheaper there. We came home and it was lunch time. Today GG took a nap until 4:40 a little over two hours of sleep for her. After she woke up we played candy land twice while we waited for J to get home for dinner. After dinner Monkey and I went to my friend Cheryn's baby shower. While we were there J and GG went to the park to play. J dropped us off at the shower so he could have the car (we only have car seats for the car) and take GG places. When he came to pick us up GG informed us she wasn't ready to go home and we asked her where she wanted to go and she said Ted and Joanna's house. So we went there. While we were there we ate sour patch kids and we gave Monkey a taste. He made the funniest face but he still wanted to eat more! I think Monkey is teething again his face has been drenched in drool for the past couple of days. Now we are home and just relaxing watching do I even need to say it? COPS.

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