Monday, April 21, 2003

Let's see what did we do today? We got up around 9am and we all got ready. J was on pager today and he only went in once. We had a picture appointment for Monkey at 1pm. When we got home from that the kids took naps along with J. (he also has to work in house tonight from 7pm to 7am) Of course right as he fell asleep is when the pager went off for the only time today! While they slept I did some more scrapbooking. I am really going now. But today at Wal-mart we turned in another roll of film to be developed so just as I start to get caught up we get another roll done! That is about all that was exciting that happened today. J is off tomorrow so who knows what we will do! Oh I have a funny story for you, that J told me. I guess he had a big hole in the butt area of his pants. GG went up to him and said, "daddy you have a hole in your butt! A really big one." She of course was referring to the pants but it was still pretty funny. Since I will not get to sleep much tonight I might do some more scrapbooking. Now I am going to get the little ones to bed.

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