Thursday, April 10, 2003

I will start by saying that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The first thing J said to me today was, "I was nice yesterday and let you sleep in but today I am mean, get up!" I slept a half an hour yesterday longer than everyone else. So we got up and got ready. GlamorGirl and I went to get the mail. (exciting, I know) We laid GG down early for her nap because we had to be at Mac Aurther at 3pm. We did the schools screening to see if she would be able to go there when she turned three. The lady said she pasted with flying colors for a 27 month old and she even went through some of the 30 month old things, which she could also do. She told me somethings to work on so she would pass when the time came. While we were there I had them do Monkey and he is at a 10 month old stage of development. I'm not really concerned with him right now because it is a while before he goes to school. I forgot that while GG was sleeping I did another page in the scrapbook. Well it isn't completely done I got the pictures cut and in position I just need to glue them down and write. But I did look through the pictures and know what I am going to do with the next six pages. Those should go very fast! After Mac Aurther we came home and soon after daddy was home with his cashed paycheck! We went to Wal-mart to get a ton of things. (I got more scrapbooking stuff!) I will not reveal how much we spent because it was way too much. GG picked out Ben and Carlie's birthday presents. When we came home and started unpacking she pointed at them and said, "Ben's present and Carlie's present!" Another thing that happened today was that Monkey pulled himself up to a standing position all by himself. I have helped in the past but he did it! Yeah :) Soon he will be walking but if it is later that will be fine with me. After dinner we went over to see if Joanna was home and she wasn't so we went to ball fore. J hit a bucket of balls and GG played at the park and colored. Daddy was nicer tonight, he let GG hit one of the balls! She thought that was the coolest. Then he let me hit one. I think that I impressed him with my ability! We are home and it is late. I am going to crawl into bed now and get some sleep because tomorrow we have an early morning. We have to set the alarm!

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