Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Here we are another day in our lives! We got up this morning at 9:30am two hours after J got home. I felt so bad for him, today was not the day to get any sleep here. The neighbors kids goes to a catholic school and had the day off. So they were outside all day yelling and screaming. There were people at the shooting range all day which is right in our backyard. Also the grounds keeper mowed the yard today. And then of course Monkey kept bonking his head and crying. He got about 4 hours of sleep. Back to our day. We got up, ate, showered and got dressed. When I got GG out of the shower and watched as she dressed herself socks and all. (I think that socks are hard to get on!) She looked at me and said, "You're name is Tonya, but I call you mommy!" I told her she was right. Then I asked her what mommy calls daddy. She said, "You call him Jeff." I was so amazed that she knew that and understood it. I have never met a 2 year old that knew their parents names and still called them mommy and daddy! Everyday she and her brother amaze me by the things they do. If I have learned anything from having two kids it is this: NO TWO KIDS ARE ALIKE! Monkey has done some things physically before GG did and GG did some things before Monkey did. Also they have such different personalities. GG is more bubbly, out going, and super friendly where as Monkey is more laid back, easy going, and takes more to warm up to people. Well at noon I took my stuff into the consignment shop. Came home and got everyone lunch. It is weird now that Monkey is eating oatmeal. One more thing to do before I eat! Then the kids and J (he tried) took naps. I did some more scrapbooking. I have four more pages to do before I get to pictures of Monkey. Then I will be 9 months behind :) Tonight for dinner we went over to Belinda's she also let us do laundry. While we were there GG kept saying, "I want to go outside and look for eggs." I can't believe she remember that from last week. She's too smart for her own good sometimes. Anyway I did the kids laundry because they had no clothes and we are going away for the weekend. J is going to do our clothes at his parents this weekend while he is their for his interview with the second choice place. So if you think about him on Thursday please say a prayer for him. Then at 7pm I went to the LLL (La Leche League) meeting with Monkey. J and GG went to Ball fore to hit golf balls and do a little putt putt. When we came home GG and I went back over to Belinda's to finish the laundry. We came home and J headed back over there to help move a stove and refrigerator. It's a long story! Now it is bed time.

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