Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Here is our day...we got up at 9:30am! Ate breakfast and got showered and dressed. J played playstation and I did some scrapbooking. GlamorGirl was laying on the couch watching daddy play and Monkey was sleeping. Then it was time to get our pictures at Wal-mart. So this means that I am now 7 rolls of film behind in scrapbooking, but I am slowing going to catch up. On the way back from Wal-mart J dropped us off at Stacy's house. While we were in the car I asked J a question twice. He then snapped at me. GG said, "daddy you mad at Tonya?" Then J asked her what my name was and she said mommy. Then she said it again, "daddy you mad at mommy?" J said no she just keeps asking me the same question. I said only twice I asked it. Then GG said, "you only ask it twice mommy?" I said, "yes, only twice daddy was just being snappy." She asked J, "you being snappy daddy?" He said, "no mommy is being annoying." She then asked me if I was being annoying. I told her no that daddy was just being crazy. She said, "no you being annoying." Then J told her I was just being silly and that was the end of that. It was hilarious the way she carried on a full conversation with both J and I. We played with Nick (11 months) and Rebecca (7 months) both babies around Monkey's (9 months) age at Stacy's house. GG also had fun with the babies! She keeps telling me she wants me to have another baby but this time a sister. Then we had dinner and J saved Monkey's life. He started chocking on a cheerio. J got it out very fast. I didn't even know what we going on. After dinner we went over to the B's house so GG could play with Kailey. We left there at 9pm. So here we are getting ready for bed. Goodnight :)

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