Thursday, April 17, 2003

J worked at the hospital today supposed to work from 9am to 7pm. Well it is now 9:30pm and he still isn't home. I miss him. Anyways, We got up at 9:45am. My kids are the best. They sleep in for me all the time. The earliest they get up is 8:30am and that is if Daddy is making noise. If he is and he wakes them up he then takes care of whichever one is up and lets the rest of us sleep. So by the time we ate, showered and got dressed it was 11:30am. I tried something new this morning. All three of us got in the shower. I think that I like this arrangement. We are going to be showering together on the days daddy is gone! At noon we ate lunch. At 12:30ish we decided to go visit daddy at the hospital. We got home around 2pm. Then the kids took naps. Boy do I love naptime. I don't ever want them to stop taking naps. While they slept I did some scrapbooking. Monkey woke up first at 3:45pm and GG was awake at 4:15pm. At around 5:00pm Kailey came over while her parents went to work. Her normal babysitter canceled on them this morning. It was an easy $10! The girls played great together. I stayed with them in the toy room for about 20 minutes and then Monkey started getting tired. So I took him downstairs to put him to sleep. I turned on the baby monitor in the toy room so I could listen to what they were doing. They sounded so cute. Kailey is 6 months older than GG but they have the same vocabulary! When Monkey fell asleep I took the camera up stairs to take some pictures. They were helping each other put on the baby dolls clothes. I just watched them where they couldn't see me and I was just amazed how they were handling playing with each other so wonderfully. Speaking of the word wonderful. GG this morning asked me what I was doing and I told her I was cleaning. She said, "oh wonderful, Thank you mommy!" It was funny. I love my little girl :) Getting back to the two girls, I will say that I am so glad that GG isn't in a daycare. Kailey was kind of pushy with GG over toys. GG is really good about it too. She tells her no pushing or to stop. She doesn't push back like most kids do. I have noticed that she really only pushes in defense, for instance the kid is going to knock her over she pushes to balance herself. (but sometimes she just falls) It is mostly her boy friends! Kailey's dad said that every morning when he drops her off all the kids fight over toys. She also liked to tattle on GG which was funny because I was right there and GG wasn't even doing anything wrong. For example I was blowing bubble for the girls and Kailey was squealing really high pitched (GG doesn't normally do that) and GG started doing it too. I asked the girls to stop. Kailey did it again and I told her not to do it again. Then GG started laughing and Kailey said she is screaming. I told her that she was laughing and that was ok I just didn't like the high pitched scream and then I demonstrated. She understood and didn't scream again, thank God. Well she left at 8pm. Right before she left she peed in her pants. I forgot what dealing with that was like, GG hasn't had an accident in a really long time. After they left we just waited for J to come home and he still isn't home and it is now 9:54pm. GG is reading books to Monkey right now! Too sweet. Well I am going to end this.

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