Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Here goes. We woke up this morning and got ready. J got paged and took two transfers to Peoria, long day. We just kind of played until it was time to eat lunch. I made GG a cheese sandwich because that was what she wanted. I made myself a salad. She wanted to try a bite. I gave it to her and she spit it out. Then asked for another bite. I told her no because she didn't like it. Meanwhile Monkey had thrown the toy I gave him to play with on the floor. So I bent over to get it and when I looked back at my food GG had my fork and had eaten some lettuce. What a little stinker! I guess she only likes soft lettuce that isn't crunchy. The first bite was a hard piece. Anyway, Monkey had his 9 month doctor's appointment and everything looks great. He weighed in at 20lbs 8oz and is 28 inches long. While we were waiting for the doctor I decided to measure GG. She was 35 inches! Three months ago at her 2 year appointment she was 32 1/4 inches. I can't believe how much she grew in such a short time. We came home and Monkey took a nap. I wanted GG to take one but she wouldn't go to sleep. I was ok with it because she rested on the couch and watched tv. So I went upstairs and did some more scrapbooking. I have one page left and then Monkey! After Monkey woke up we went outside and colored with chalk on the side walk. This annoying lady came over and talked my ear off. She is the "neighborhood babysitter." Well she is never going to watch my kids. Anyway she has no kids of her own and while she was talking to me proceeded to tell GG what she couldn't do. I was like I am standing right here I think I can handle my own child. The thing about it was she wasn't even doing anything wrong! I know best what my child can and cannot do I AM HER MOTHER! Some people. GRR! I am just glad that right after that Belinda got here. No telling what I might have said to her. I invited Belinda over for dinner because her new stove isn't working. It needs a piece that J said he would get for her and like I said he was gone all day. It was great to have the company so it worked for the best :) Belinda left around 6:45pm. As soon as they left GG wanted something to eat. She didn't eat dinner because it was turkey. So I gave her some chips, healthy I know! Next thing I know I look over at her and she is sitting on her chair hands folded, one hand still holding a chip and SLEEPING! So I of course took a picture :) Now we are all sitting here watching Cops, at least we are doing it as a family.

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