Sunday, April 13, 2003

We had a very active day! Got up this morning and went to church, after church Belinda invited us over for lunch. We got home at 2:30pm to have a message on the machine telling us to come over to Joanna and Ted's for a bbq and to hang out with a bunch of EMS people. So J went to work and the kids and I went over to the Ted and Jo's. GG took about a 30 minute nap! She was so funny at the house. J taught her a new thing to say! It goes like this; I got my good looks, my big brain, I'm going places, seeing faces and doing things! She had our friend Joe wrapped around her little finger. When we left there we went to see J at Ball Fore. GG was excited because Joe was there going to hit golf balls he was just waiting for some friends. So he played with her at the park. I forgot to mention this the other day...when we were at Ball Fore Joe was there too and GG got him to go through the tunnel at the park twice! Now Joe isn't a small guy but it was cute to see them play together. GG really likes him and she isn't usually that comfortable with guys. He even offered to babysit for us if we ever needed him too! We might take him up on it because Monkey also seemed to like him. At least he let him hold him without crying! By the time we left Ball Fore it was 6pm. We went home and ate some dinner and then just sat and relaxed at home for the first time today! Now we are getting ready for bed :) Oh yeah Monkey only woke up once crying and I gave him Tylenol and he was fine the rest of the night. I will say that this morning came very early.

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