Sunday, April 06, 2003

Remember how I said that we were going to go to church this morning? Well we got up at 10 to 9 only to realize that we didn't change the clocks for daylight saving time. Needless to say there wasn't enough time to get three people ready in 10 minutes. Oh well we WILL get there next week! So we had a lazy day. My maid of honor called today and we got to talk for a long time. She is my longest friend. We have been friends since 5th grade. Anyway after dinner tonight we went grocery shopping. Speaking of dinner J liked my dinner (Virginia) we had turkey, gravy and green beans, but GG didn't eat it so don't feel bad! GG did learn a new word yesterday. It was nipple. Just image this little sweet 2 year old pulling up her shirt and saying this is GG's nipple! I can't tell you the story of how this came about but it did. Tomorrow we are watching Ellie, J is going there in the morning and then Ellie is coming here after lunch. Well it is getting late and I am going to try and get the kids to bed so J and I can talk in peace. That doesn't happen very often. Any one that has little ones knows how true this is :)

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