Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Here's the run down of our day. We got up early this morning to go J's doctor's appointment. While J was in with the doctor the kids and I road up and down the elevator. They had these really cool elevators with windows. GG talked to everyone that came on the elevator. It was very cute. Monkey really liked going up and down and he was less scared than GG of going down. We had to get off a few times because it was making me a little sick but we didn't stay off long. It was a great occupier while waiting for J. It went good and they are very hopeful that they can fix the problem. That is good. Then we came home and J called his first choice about the position I guess there are five people ahead of him. So we will see in time what happens with that. Tonight after we ate dinner we went for a walk with Kailey and Kim then played at the park. GG took a bath at their house because she didn't want to go home yet! Then we came home and I gave Monkey a bath and GG stripped down and got in too. (another bath I know) Now it is late and I am really tired because last night J sneezed and blow his nose all night long. It is very loud.

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