Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Well last night was a little better getting GlamorGirl to sleep. She was asleep by 11:45pm 15 minutes earlier! So this morning I tried something new. I let her sleep as long as she wanted to she ended up waking up at 11:30am. From there I made the executive decision that she wasn’t going to get a nap. That was quite a challenge!!! After she got up I got her bathed and dressed because Monkey and I were already done getting ready. Then we headed over to the hospital. We brought daddy some treats for the day. Then we came home and ate lunch at around 1:30pm because we were going to be eating a late dinner when daddy came home at 7:15pm. This afternoon I put Monkey down for his nap and GG and I played games we played candyland three times. Also J's second choice called and said that he will be getting an interview around the end of April or beginning of May. That was good news. Around 6pm when Monkey takes his evening nap GG was getting really tired and climbed up next to me while I was nursing Monkey and almost fell asleep but I stopped her, which wasn’t easy. Needless to say Monkey didn’t get his evening nap because GG was so tired she was crying, “I want to sleep, please!” She made it though and J came home and she was a whole new person. We ate dinner by the time we were done it was 8pm so GG and I jumped in the tub and took a wonderful bubble bath while the boys had fun together. I know this because I could hear them laughing from the bathroom. GG made me the Bubble Queen and she was my Bubble Princess. We were both covered with bubbles. We had fun in the tub. When we got out J went downstairs and got us all some ice cream what a perfect treat after our bubble bath! I was thinking today and I have come to the conclusion that my absolute favorite sound in the whole wide world as of today is the sound of both kid's laughter. I love it. It is music to my ears. I can be in a bad mood and they start laughing at each other and I can’t help but smile at my two little sweethearts. Children are the greatest gifts in the world. Ok I am done. I will let you know how tonight went getting GG to sleep in tomorrow’s post.

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