Monday, April 07, 2003

Boy oh Boy did the time change affect GlamorGirl big time. She didn't go to sleep last night until 12am but she did sleep until 9:45am this morning. After GG fell asleep J and I did get to talk which was nice it was just really late. Hopefully she will get back on her schedule tonight. I just want to say that my husband is the best. He got up this morning and went to Belinda and Ellie's house to watch Ellie so we could sleep in. While he was there he did 3 loads of laundry. I love him so much. He is the greatest! At lunch when Belinda came home J came home and then Belinda dropped Ellie off here for the rest of the afternoon. This time Ellie, Monkey, GG and J slept at the same time :) It was nice to have peace and quiet for about an hour or so. Then when Belinda came to pick up Ellie she took us out for dinner. That was great after watching Ellie I was tired and didn't really want to cook. We went to Rocky's were GG ate a whole kids meal. I guess she was hungry. Of course GG made friends with our server and she thought all three of the kids were the happiest babies she has ever seen, I think she liked our table! We don't usually have the server come to our table as much as she did! It might of been cause GG kept calling her name, what a memory she has! Then we came home and my mom called and I got to talk to her for a while. Now we are at the time when J reads to the kids (GG loves reading Bible stories) and I do things on the internet. Then we are going to bed. At least that is the plan!

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