Monday, April 14, 2003

Well today was another beautiful day we even turned on the AC for a while to cool it off in here. Since yesterday we were so busy having fun and didn't get groceries we went today. J was on pager...we got to the store and about 10 minutes after being there he got paged. From that point on I was a lost puppy wondering around the store trying to think of food ideas by myself. I guess I really like doing the shopping as a family. We did fine though. Came home and got the mail I was happy the electricity bill was under $20! Then we ate lunch and the kids took naps. When they woke up we went swinging at the park. Then J came home while Monkey was taking another nap so he and GlamorGirl went outside and flew the kite. He started up the grill for dinner, just as he put the food on the grill he got paged. So for the first time in my life I grilled steaks. They turned out great...J told me how long to cook them! After dinner we decided to go to the Ball Fore and hit some golf balls at the driving range. It was cute J hit some then GG hit some. While J hit GG was his personal little cheerleader shouting out encouragement! My favorite was when she said, "That was a good one!" She also said, "Good job, daddy!" "yay you hit the ball!" "that went far!" I thought it was sweet that she was so proud of her daddy even though he has a hurt thumb and can't hit the ball that good! Then we came home and had some ice cream now it is time for bed. I hope that everyone has a wonderful night :)

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